9 Frugal Kitchen Essentials List and Tips without Reducing the Quality of Life

Kitchen can be one big area that drains our money. We are always losing lots of money in kitchen groceries. Saving money in the kitchen means you can spend more on beauty, entertainment and your children. When it comes to saving money in the kitchen, there’re a few essential items you don’t want to skimp on. Here are 9 of the most frugal kitchen tips and essentials, hope this list will help you save more money.

1. Reuse Your Bags
You don’t need to buy ziplock bags and plastic bags every week. Just reuse them!

Plastic Bag and Water Bottle Drying Rack

I reuse almost all of the ziplock bags and silicone bags, generally washing them before storing them for further use. That really helps my family save a lot of money! I would drape the reusable bags over anything on counter that seemed to work. But then I got this drying rack! It works so great and looks good in the process. Very easy to put together. It’s also a water bottle dryer and puppet stand! Especially like the balls on the ends of the rods that hold the bags open and don’t poke holes in them. Overall this is a very sturdy unit. Highly recommend it!

Plastic Bag Holder

     (image from Amazon)

My mother and I both like keeping the plastic grocery bags we get with our groceries but what to do with them to store them. I had a really old bag like this that someone had made but it was dirty and falling apart. I found these on Amazon, and it came as a set of two. The bags are pretty and hold plenty of grocery bags. 

2. Hang Your Bananas
Ripe bananas usually go bad in two or three days. You don’t want to waste them! Hanging them will keep them fresher.
Fruit Basket Bowl Storage with Banana Hanger

   (image from Amazon)
This fruit/vegetable basket is great! If you are a fruit/veggie lover like me - you know how annoying it is to store/hold all your food stuffs in multiple containers - often unmatched - and over-spilling - on the kitchen countertop. In addition, it is difficult to figure out a functional and appealing spot to store bananas. Rest assured, with the purchase of this item - you are able to have all your fruit/veggie foods in one space! For example, there is plenty of room in and between both tiers. In addition, the shape of the product - having circular tiers and with the larger tier placed on the bottom - is very aesthetically appealing and important to consider. In addition, it is very easy to assemble.

3. Make Your Coffee at Home
The occasional Starbucks coffee surely is a nice treat, but buying it for the whole family every day costs a fortune. Why don’t have a coffee machine and make your own coffee?
Coffee Machine

   (image from Amazon)

This little coffee maker is great for space saving and did a great job brewing my k-cups. This is a very simple slim-lined machine. Fill up the reservoir before use, put your k-cup in, push the power button and the big K button on top, and it brews whatever is in the reservoir tank. Cleaning is a breeze as well.

4. Buy in Bulk
We all know that buying in bulk is cost-effective. But how do you store your pads and tampons to keep them sanitary?
Wooden Tampon Holder for Bathroom

I am SO happy with this product! It is such a simple concept, and it’s just perfect. I absolutely love the design & that I can move the divider inside to what works best for me. I am dual using it for liners & pads. I was able to fit a whole box of liners & a little more than 1/2 my box of pads. If you’re using for tampons, you would be able to fit the whole regular size box in there…same would be true for just pads. There are large round sticky tabs included to mount it to your wall but I have textured walls so I wasn’t able to use them. I do like that the design is on both sides since right now I have this on top of the tank lid of my toilet & when moved it doesn’t matter which way it sits back up there.

5. Shop Wisely
Don’t be temped by cheap prices if the quality of the product is poor. Shop for quality! 
Wooden Pink Paper Towel Holder with Bottle Opener

Paper towel holder is essential. Buy this towel holder, you’ll also get a bottle opener. My family love throwing parties. But bottle openers were always missing before or after parties. This is never a problem any more with this cute towel holder. It’s surprisingly sturdy. it looks like a toy from the picture but it's heavier than it looks and sturdy. and again, cute. Small pink kitchen accessories always bring me happiness. I’ve received so many compliments about it so far. A friend saw mine and commented that she really wanted something like that, so I bought her one as gift. 

6. Freeze Leftovers
Don’t waste your leftovers! Just freeze them for another day.
Food Storage Container

 (image from Amazon)

I love the snap lids. So easy to open and close. And, you know your food is sealed inside when they click shut. I have not had anything leak out of these and I have used them traveling where they got turned sideways and upside down. No water from melted ice got in them either. They stack nicely one on top of the other in the fridge and you can actually see what’s inside them making selecting leftovers so much easier. No more opening old butter tubs or aluminum foil packs to find what you’re looking for. Food stays fresher longer, too. And, they go in the dishwasher for easy cleanup then nest inside each other without the lids for storage. This is such a great set that gives you a variety of sizes and has paid for itself many times over in the money it has saved us by keeping leftovers fresher longer. 

7. Make Your Own Breads and Rolls
It’s cheaper and healthier than store-bought. So you need a bread box to keep your food fresher.
Wooden Bread Holder

 (image from Amazon)

I looked for a long time for a bread box and this one is exactly what I wanted. It keeps the bread and bakery items fresh and I love that it has windows to view everything. It was easy to assemble. They have a decent bit of space on top of them for spices and such and come with spare screws and knobs. 

8. Drink Water or Make Your Own Tea
Bamboo Tea Bag Organizer

 (image from Amazon)
Invest a tea bag organizer if you don’t like the taste of your tap water.
This tea box is simple design, has magnets to hold the lid down. The window isn't glass but a strong plastic. I would recommend this anybody looking to purchase. It was also wrapped nicely in the mail so it came here unharmed.

The above frugal kitchen hacks and essential units can be a meaningful aspect of life. They can help to improve your quality of life by making your kitchen more functional, cost-effective, and sustainable.

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